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the idea

Crestfallen icons was born of my own frustration trying to navigate the period costume tags on PB Updates. Sure, you can find period clothing there, but "period" might mean "Regency" or "Medieval-looking fantasy" or "vintage photographs of a movie star I like." There's no way of sorting more specifically to hair color, gender, or even time period, so it's a crapshoot to go through the hundreds of entries in search of the late-Victorian boy in his late teens with a roguish smile and light brown hair. It can be even more frustrating if you're looking for a character who isn't white or slender or young or dressed in Western clothes.

I can't make the tagging system on PB Updates suit my own needs, but I can, at least, add to the pool of available historical PBs. And here on my comm, I can sort them as specifically as I want.

definitions (as i am using them)

Time Range - The dawn of time to about 1989. I might stretch that to 1995 or so if I get the overwhelming desire to icon Clarissa Explains it All. Basically, as long as it's the people in the icons weren't from the last ten years, it'll probably qualify.

Period - Icons of a specific time period using source pictures not from that time period. Downton Abbey gets classified as period, along with every Jane Austen adaptation ever made and also SLC Punk. Any historical movie counts.

Period:Future - To be used only in conjunction with other period tags, such as period:1950s. This implies that the subjects might be ~*~from the future~*~, but their future is now retro-looking as hell. Diane Keaton in Sleeper is an example, as are Buck Rogers in the 25th Century and the Prince of Space and villains in Prince of Space.

Vintage - Icons of a specific time period using source pictures from that time period. Headshots of Anna May Wong are vintage. Movies Judy Garland made in the 1930s that were meant to be set in the present time also counts as vintage.

areas of interest

My aim in creating this community is to try and create icons of period characters who haven't been iconned to death already. Keira Knightley in Pride and Prejudice, for instance, has been liberally iconned. But Youssou N'Dour in Amazing Grace hasn't. And while it's easy to find Regency-era clothing, it's harder to find Edwardian fashions on PBs. And a lot of promising Old Hollywood films haven't been screencapped, let alone iconned to death like [insert major Hollywood film of last three years]. So I'm interested in filling those gaps where I can.

joining in

If you also like to make period icons, please let me know, either in comments or in a private message! I'll happily give you posting permission to put up icons, too. Bear in mind that I reserve the right to rescind posting access if your posts don't remain period and (ideally) not absurdly well-trodden subjects.

PBs currently available

Christian Bale Alexander Siddig Paul Bettany Cate Blanchett Anna May Wong
Manu Intiraymi Maevaris Tilani Zitkala-sa Maria Tallchief Aaron Copland
Verna Fine Sammy Davis, Jr. Pearl Primus Salvador Dali Peggy Ann Garner
Elizabeth Taylor Sera Josephine Montilyet Bianca Davri Aida Overton Walker
Gala Dali Josephine Baker Greta Garbo Greta Garbo
in Queen Christina
Billy Dee Williams
Brandon Killham
in Mad Men
Lillian Gish Harrison Ford in
Love, American Style
Harrison Ford NAME


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